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Crafter’s Essential Eraser Bundle

Have trouble getting a clear image with brand-new stamps? Want to erase with ease for your drawing projects?

This is a bundle of Stamp Conditioning Eraser SetRetractable Eraser, and Retractable Eraser Refills.

Our conditioning eraser is a must-have for your craft room. It is ergonomically designed, making it easy and convenient to use. It is also made of soft white rubber with a clean, smooth finish characteristic of Altenew products. Furthermore, the eraser is dust-free! Any collected dust clumps, making it easy to brush away. Simply rub the eraser lightly over your new stamps, and they will be ready for use! Keep it on hand to use with all new clear photopolymer stamps.

Our handy retractable eraser features a sturdy white eraser contained within a plastic pen-shaped casing. It will cleanly erase pencil marks without tearing or leaving residue on your projects. You will be able to store it easily with your other crafting and stationery tools. Simply click the plastic tab on the side to advance or retract the eraser. You can also use the eraser to condition your stamps.

Our refills will help you maximize the use of your Retractable Eraser so you never run out.