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Here's a stamping tool that will take your stamped images to the next level. The LDRS Creative Stampendable Stamping Tool is your new sidekick for applying even pressure when using a stamp positioner tool (sold separately) - even for those with limited arm mobility or arthritis!


  • Easy to use & lightweight
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Designed for use with your favorite stamp platform, positioner, or press (sold separately)
  • Helpful for crafters with arthritis or limited mobility in their arms, shoulders, hands, or wrists
  • Thick felt bottom for gliding over a stamp positioner cover without damaging it

This simple little tool is an absolute wonder for anyone with arthritis, limited mobility in their hands or arms, or has difficulty applying adequate pressure when using a stamping press. The Stampendable tool is able to target your stamp's many intricate grooves with just a simple swipe of pressure. It is an absolute must-have for stampers everywhere.

How to Use the Stampendable Stamping Tool:

  • Use your favorite stamping press or MISTI as usual
  • Once the lid is closed on your inked up clear or rubber stamp, pick up the Stampendable Stamping Tool
  • Glide it across the lid of your stamp positioner, applying even pressure along the way
  • Lift the lid of your stamp press and see the beautiful, perfect ink transfer